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Android is the most amazing and widely used open source OS, based on Linux, it’s very easy to use and has many optimizations and customizations available. It is also among the most searched topics on Stack Overflow and highest paying jobs in IT sectors. Many Startups and Big companies are just based on Android Apps and earning more a handsome amount. So this site, Androidbase.net, has come with the best Android tutorials and Apps development, for users to become Android App developer master and develop best Android apps. So here is the first Android App tutorial. Here we will install Java, Android Studio and Develop our first Android App. So, let’s get started.

Steps to Install Java :-

Since Java is necessary for Android Studio to run. So first we will install Java in our Device and then install Android Studio in it.

  1.  Go to this Link and click on Accept License Agreement and now choose your Version as per your device information (Note – Choose  Java SE Development Kit 8u144 not Java SE Development Kit 8u144 Demos and Samples Downloads).

    JDK download
  2. It will start the download and install it, by running the run.exe file.
  3. Now go to My Computer or This PC (Linux Users Click here). Now right click –> Properties, it will open a new window with your PC/Laptop properties. Then Click on Advanced System Settings –> Environmental Variables.

    Environment Variables Options in System Properties
  4. Now Click on New. Enter the Variable name as “JAVA_HOME” (Without “) and Variable Value as “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_111” (Without “) {Check your Installed location} and Click OK and Save it.

    Adding JAVA_HOME in new user Variable option
  5. To check Java is properly installed or not, Open CMD and type javac and press enter. It will return a screen output like an image is given below.
    CMD Screen, javac Typed

    Javac return Successful
  6. If this did not work, Uninstall Java from Control panel and check the version and reinstall it. If all right let’s head up to install Android Studio 🙂 .

Steps to Install Android Studio :-

  1. Download the Android Studio from this link (Check your Device Architecture and then Download it.)

    Android Studio Official Site https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html
  2. Accept the Terms and condition and click on download. It will start the download.

    Accept Licence Agreement And Click on Download
  3. Now run the Setup file just downloaded and follow these steps.

    Android Studio First Setup Screen
  4. Click on Next And check all the options and click on next. Now accept the Licence Agreement And Click I Agree.

    Android Studio Lisence Agreement (Click on I Agree)
  5. Select the location (Preferable C Drive) and click Next. It will Install the full Software (It will take some time). Now click on Finish.
  6. Now it will start the Android Studio Installation and now choose “I do not want..” option (I asked), and click OK. It will Start Android Studio and a screen with many Android Products will come. Now click on Next.
    Complete Installation

    Android Studio further Start Screen
  7. Now choose Standard Installation And click on Finish. It will Download some required files (About 800mb). After Downloading, click on Finish. If you get any error like “Intel-based hardware acceleration is unavailable” Please refer to the troubleshoot corner below.
    Android Studio Install Type
    Important Download Components (Android SDK)

    Android Studio Downloading Screen
  8. Now you are ready to rock and make some cool and unbelievable apps 😎.

    Android Studio Complete Installed

Troubleshooting :-

Intel-based hardware acceleration is unavailable

If you get error like this, this means your Device isn’t Intel based. This is not a major problem but it may slow your android Studio and you may get a slow android emulator. If you get any other problem, please comment down your problem and get it solved.


Hope you like this post, Please allow notifications from my website to get updated from the new post and get masters in Android development. Thanks for visiting my post, if you have any doubt or query, please comment down or email me at admin@androidbase.net 😊.



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